What to Know When Shipping Your Vehicle

Basics – What to Know

     When it comes time to transport your vehicle, it is not rocket science. So please let’s not get anxious take a deep breath and relax. Vehicle shipping is not overly complicated process, it may seem that way, especially if you are new to the process. Shipping a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, golf cart, or any other type of vehicle is about collecting the pertinent info and making contacting with the right kind of company to assist you. When looking at different companies, you first need to go to the Better Business Bureau and make sure they have been in business for more than five years and have an “A– to an A+ Rating.” 

     Most of the time you will be working with a broker or booking, agent. A broker or booking agent is the facilitator of your transport, and the carrier (driver/trucker) is the truck that delivers your vehicle.

     One of the most asked question when deciding to ship a vehicle is there a difference if I am sending my vehicle a few hundred or coast to coast is there a difference? There is no difference from the clients perspective. WolfePack Auto Transport will work behind the scenes to make sure the right size equipment is picking up your vehicle. When you make that call or request a quote online you will need to have the necessary information, first the vehicle information, the name of the manufacturer (make), model, and year of the vehicle, if you shipping a truck, commercial van, classic vehicle or custom vehicle you will need the dimensions. The next thing that you are going to need is the timeframe that you need to ship your vehicle. If you are moving, please inform the customer service representative of your move date. You should see if a friend, family member or someone you can trust can turn your vehicle over to the carrier/driver or receive your vehicle from the carrier/driver as it will make your transport stress a lot less and eliminate trying to get the carrier/driver at your location on an exact date. Setting an exact date is extremely difficult (Murphy’s Law). The final thing that you are going to need to have available is the pickup and delivery locations (Zip Codes). If you are shipping to an area that is not within a trucking route or in a rural area, you may want to consider meeting the driver in an alternate location. This will allow you to have your vehicle within a tighter timetable.

     WolfePack Auto Transport has never made the process more comfortable for you. Click here to get an online quote or call (866) 945-7778 or (818) 363-7896. This process will be quick and easy and with no pressure. Make sure to ask the lots of questions. This process is simple, and we have kept it that way because we understand how stressful it can be. Remember the quote is always FREE and FRIENDLY.

     If you are just curious about shipping because it is just a possibility of moving or buying a vehicle from a distance away, please don’t hesitate to call or get an online quote. We are happy to give you multiple quotes from or to different locations to help your decision-making process. 

It's important to keep in mind that different levels of service such an enclosed transport typically increase the per-mile rate of the shipping cost versus open-air transport.


     Please think about the type of shipping you are considering. Open-Air Transport or Enclosed Transport. Please click on the link to get a full explanation of the differences. Being informed is an essential process of car shipping.


     You should also consider before making a deciding to have WolfePack Transport, LLC ship your vehicle, do you need assistance at the pickup and/or delivery location? It is always best to have a family member, friend or someone you trust to assist you in the process. WolfePack Auto Transport is more than happy to help if you will need any storage facility or terminal service at pickup or destination. These locations are independent companies and are not part of the WolfePack Transport, LLC network. Each location charge different prices and your customer service representative can explain all the details. We encourage our clients to call around to make sure they are getting the best possible price for storage/terminal service; your customer service representative will explain how to find the companies in your area. Please mention this early in the process of getting your quote so all options can be explored.

     You need to let your customer service representative know if your vehicle is drivable (able to drive on and off the transport trailer) prior to them putting the quote together for you. If it is not drivable (inop), there is going to be an additional inoperable fee. This fee goes directly to the carrier as he has to winch your vehicle on and off the trailer and hook it back up every time he needs to move it backward and forward to balance the weight on the trailer. Your vehicle is going to need to have the ability to roll at the very least. If your vehicle can not move it can attain more damage, WolfePack Transport, LLC or the carrier cannot be responsible for the additional damage, due to pulling it on and off the trailer. It may also be necessary to get a rollback out to the location to assist in getting it on and off the trailer. Please have the full vehicle condition when talking to your customer service representative.

For more information on vehicle shipping and preparation please click on the picture above.

For more information on vehicle shipping and preparation please click on the picture above.

It important to get as much education as possible, as car transport can be tricky. Click on Picture

It important to get as much education as possible, as car transport can be tricky. Click on Picture

Preparing Your Vehicle To Be Shipped

Being prepared is an essential part of car shipping. These are a small thing but an important to have them completed before the arrival of your carrier. These little things are for your protection when shipping your vehicle.

  • Have a clean and wash the vehicle, both inside and out is essential. Make sure to remove anything that is a non-permanent component. This can include things like antennas, luggage racks, bike racks, spoilers, etc. You want to make sure this is done the carrier is going to inspect  your vehicle and fill out a bill of lading (inspection form) and markdown and damage to your vehicle. If the vehicle is dirty the carrier cannot do a complete inspection. The carrier will do the same thing at delivery. This will ensure that any damage that may occur in transit be confirmed that it is the carriers responsibility
  • The vehicle should be empty before transport.
  • If the vehicle is going on a ship (ocean transport), you will need to run the gas tank down to no more than 1/4 tank. Ocean transport will often tack on an additional charge for vehicles that have more than 1/4 tank of gas.
  • Check all fluid levels, and make sure you examine for any leaks. A small leak can get bigger and cause more substantial problems during your transport. It can damage your vehicle or damage another vehicle on the transport trailer. If it causes damage to other vehicles, you can be responsible. If your vehicle leaks, please let your carrier know when they are picking up your vehicle so they can place it on the bottom rack to keep it from leaking on a vehicle below your vehicle. 
  • Please take pictures when your vehicle is being picked up. Make sure to have the driver and or the tractor-trailer in the background to document the images were taken at the same time as pickup and delivery. It is a good idea to do it on delivery at the same time. Documentation is always a good idea. Also please go  to our contest page as we love to put up photos on our website of clients getting their vehicles loaded and unloaded. Also, make sure to give us a good shot of yourself or loved one receiving their vehicle, you can include the carrier. Make sure to have fun with it. Check out the Contest Page
  • Disable the car alarm (aftermarket).  This is a critical step, if it is overlooked, it can cause an issue, and that can result in lengthy delays for the carrier. The DOT will require the carrier to disable the alarm, and the carrier may need to bring your vehicle to a repair facility to disable it. This only happens when the alarm will not shut off due to the vibration when in the trailer. 

How Much Can I Expect to Pay

     Standard vehicle shipping (think a sedan or small truck) are generally between 0.50 cents to $1.50 per mile, this is a broad stroke but will give you a starting point. Please get a FREE Quote online or call our customer service department at (866) 945-7778 or (818) 363-7896. Vehicle shipping needs of clients can be very diverse, that can entail things such as enclosed auto transport, classic car shipping, motorcycle transport, door to door shipping, terminal drops or inoperable vehicles shipping. These types of extras can increase the costs slightly than the pricing estimate you received through the online quoting system. When you talk to your customer service representative, they will go over your exact pricing and fees as they are separate from the auto shipping quotes. Please ask your customer service representative for specials.
    We made this website mobile ready so that you can enjoy it through your mobile device. It can be a great tool so you can get quick access to relocation information about car carrier pricing on your phone. Enjoy it

Understanding Auto Transport Insurance

       Cargo Insurance through the carriers insurance company is included in all price quotes you get and free of charges. The FMCSA regulations, state that all licensed transport companies must be bonded and/or have a certain level of insurance coverage to protect the client's vehicle from damages caused by them. The majority of clients, the standard insurance is sufficient.      If you choose to purchase additional insurance, please ask your customer service representative about the details. WolfePack Transport, LLC will provide the carriers insurance information via email when your vehicle will be assigned to a carrier. It is always wise for clients to contact the carriers insurance company to verify the insurance before pick up. Insurance companies are more than happy to verify insurance information.