Why I Should Ship My Motorcycle

Motorcycle Shipping, Motorcycle Transport, Motorcycle Shipper,  Shipping Motorcycle, Bike Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping, Motorcycle Transport, Motorcycle Shipper, Shipping Motorcycle, Bike Shipping

Do I Need to Have My Motorcycle Shipped?

The Short answer is “No,” but most bike owners do. If you are asking yourself this question, the real answer is “Yes.”

There is a full range of reasons to ship your bike; they included but limited to:

  1. Avoidance of Mileage and Wear and Tear.
  2. Inability or Desire to Ride Long Distances.
  3. Bike Needs Repair or Doesn’t Run.
  4. Inability to Ride in Adverse Weather Conditions. Remember even during the summer months the weather can change quickly.
  5. Bike Is Not the Primary Vehicle, and I have to get a car to the same location.
  6. And Much More.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. The process is simple, to call our Friendly Customer Service Representative at (866) 945-7778 to discuss your needs or get a quick estimate. 
  2.  We offer a variety of shipping options, including by truck, train, air, and water.
  3. We understand that it is nerve-racking to send your bike out there into the great abyss, we will be here every step of the way.
  4. We will treat your bike like our own.

Is My Motorcycle Insured?

Do I Need to Purchase Insurance for my Motorcycle?


When you are shipping your motorcycle, the carrier has insurance coverage to protect you from any possible loss of your bike. Typically, your motorcycle insurance will cover the bike during transportation and then subrogate against the carriers insurance. So naturally you do not need to have insurance, but it is always a good idea to have insurance on your motorcycle at all times. Please discuss this with your insurance company for details on how your specific policy is set up. Depending on the overall value of your Motorcycle, you may want to ask for an increase in the minimum insurance coverage offered. We always recommend you call the carriers insurance to verify it. This will give you a piece of mind. This can be done by calling the carriers insurance company directly or going to the FMCSA website. 

 All professional motorcycle or auto transport companies are required to carry shipping insurance. The insurance will cover any damages done to the motorcycle while in possession of the carrier. This is not a concern as long as legitimate/reliable carriers are hired. The insurance coverage should protect the entire value of the bike. 


What Happens if My Motorcycle is Damaged During Transport?

Before the carrier takes possession of your motorcycle, he will perform a full visual inspection of your bike, if you see something, please inform the carrier so it can be notated. The carrier notates any and all damage (dings, dents, scratches, etc.) on what is called a bill of lading. Rember 2 sets of eyes are better than one. This bill of lading will be signed by the carrier and the person handing over the bike. The carrier will leave a copy for your records. This is done for your protection.

Once you hand your motorcycle over to the carrier, the insurance company of the carrier takes over. It is always best to keep your policy active during this process as a backup. It is state and federal regulations that all a licensed motorcycle and auto transport companies must provide at least the minimum amount of insurance. Each state sets the requirements for the amount of coverage that a shipping company must provide.

When you place an order with WolfePack Motorcycle Transport, you can discuss all the details of insurance with your customer service representative. It is always wise to verify coverage and maintain your motorcycle insurance even though we take every possible step to protect your motorcycle. Wise men always protect themselves.

Before the carrier releasing the motorcycle to the receiving person, they will again check the bike visually for any and all damage (dings, dents, scratches, etc.). This is to verify that nothing occurred during transit. If you see something, please point it out to the carrier so it can be notated. Failure to notate the bill of lading can result in the insurance company not covering a claim. 

Once the motorcycle has been delivered, what is not notated on the bill of lading may not be covered under the insurance. Please make sure the bill of lading is accurate before you sign it. You will receive a copy for your records.

If you have to file a claim, please call the insurance company directly to get the process started, do not rely on anyone to do this for you. This process needs to be done within four days or the next business day, whatever one comes first. Please make sure to follow the directions of the insurance company. If you have insurance on your motorcycle, please inform them as well. This will assist in speeding any insurance process that needs to be done.   After you get the process started you must notify WolfePack Transport, LLC within 72 hours, so we can keep track of the process.  This will assist you with paperwork that may be needed by the insurance company.  Please keep all copies of the bill of lading.  Please click here to notify us.

WolfePack Motorcycle Transport Specializes in custom motorcycle shipping.

WolfePack Motorcycle Transport Specializes in custom motorcycle shipping.