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WolfePack Transport has been in the automotive industry since 1995 (Over 20 Years).  Our founder is Pamela Wolfe who has 2 Kids, a 21 years old Daughter and a 17 year old Son along with a husband Scott for almost 25 years.  Pam originally got into the automotive transport business, because her husband Scott was a manager of an automotive dealership.  Pam’s husband would always complain about how bad the auto transporters were and if only a company  would open that was honest and gave a fair price they would be  successful.  After listening to her husband, Pam finally opened  WolfePack Transport.

Today the company is solely owned by Pam's husband Scott.  Due to unforeseen circumstances Pam is no longer with us.  But the company still is run with Pam's philosophy and business practices.  

Now that you know the history of WolfePack Transport, LLC you can explore the Great History of the Car Hauling Industry.

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WolfePack Transport LLC Philosophy:

  1. To listen to all our clients 
  2. Give fair and reasonable prices for transport. 
  3. Be willing not to take money for shipping from clients until their vehicle is scheduled to be picked up. 
  4. Be available to customer’s needs and desires. 
  5. Work hard at making each and every customer happy. 
  6. Enjoy working with our clients. 

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Our Quality Promise

WolfePack Auto Transport specializes in;

Car Shipping, Motorcycle Shipping, Truck Shipping, SUV Shipping and Boat Shipping.  

So when you have to set up Car Transport we are here to help.  We offer Open-Air Vehicle Transport and Enclosed Vehicle Transport services for our clients that want maximum protection of there vehicle. We also offer Motorcycle and Trike Shipping.

Services Provided

Open Vehicle Transport

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This type car hauling provided for

7 to 10 at one time.  
This allows for us to ship multiple vehicle and that means a saving to you.  That way your auto shipping is divided by the number of cars shipping at a time. 

This type of vehicle shipping is provided for the longer moves.  

Car shipping from coast to coast is an example of this or moving a vehicle from state to state. 

Hot Shot Auto Transport

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Hot Shot vehicle shipping is for more local type of car moving services.  We use our hot shot car shipping for moves that are usually under 250 miles.  This type of car transport is great when we are going in state or between two bordering states.  This allows WolfePack Auto Transport to keep your price town and arrive on time.  

Enclosed Car Transport

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This type of transport is for our clients that want more protection for there vehicle transport or motorcycle transport.  This type of transport is usually used for classic car transport or exotic car transport.  This type of vehicle transport is offered coast to coast as well as local car shipping.  We offer this type of service for motorcycle shipping upon request. 

Alaska and Hawaii

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WolfePack Transport offers car transport, truck shipping, SUV shipping, motorcycle shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.  This type of vehicle shipping services is referred to as roll on roll off or RO RO for short.   

Specialty Shipping

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WolfePack Auto Transport offers specialty shipping.  This type of shipping is done when you have shipping is designed for Gulf Carts shipping, Oversize vehicle shipping, and yes the Flintstones as well.  Maybe the George Jetsons will call next. 

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Small Boats, Jet Ski's, Small Travel Trailers

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WolfePack Jet Ski Transport is the place to turn for the hard to ship items.  We offer small boat shipping, small popup camper trailer shipping, jet ski shipping and more.  Call today and ask.

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Our support staff are available to answer all your questions.  Our goal is to make you decision making process as easy as possible.  We understand that vehicle shipping is stressful.  Our representatives will be able to answer all  you auto shipping questions.

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Friendly Staff to assist you in shipping your vehicle from coast to coast and beyond.  We are looking forward to moving your vehicle.  

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