What Determines the Price of Ship My Motorcycle or Trike?

Many factors determine the cost to ship a motorcycle across the country. It is absolutely best to contact a reputable motorcycle transport.

If you want to get an idea of what to expect, please go to our online quote calculator  to receive a generic ballpark price. You can also call your customer service representative (866) 945-7778 

Things that affect the cost of shipping are:

  • Distance: Price is determined on the distance you are shipping. If you are shipping you your motorcycle from coast to coast, the price point will be higher than if you are only shipping a few states over. It is less expensive to ship your motorcycle on well-traveled route to a more popular destination. If you are shipping to an obscure location, prepare to pay a higher price and pickup and delivery may take more time. This will require a detour from the carriers usual route.

  • Make/Model/Type: The type of motorcycle can determine the price you pay. Different styles of bikes require different types of transport equipment. The size of your motorcycle also determines the price you will pay as it will take up more or less space on the carrier. 

  • Closed vs. Open Carrier: If you have a vintage motorcycle or lots of expensive customization, you may consider shipping it in a closed container.  This is more expensive, and not the preferred method of shipping motorcycles.  If your bike is expensive it may be worth the investment. Keep in mind that insurance would cover any issues that may arise. Please checkout open vs enclosed shipping.

Motorcycle Shipping Done Right

Motorcycle Shipping Done Right

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