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Education and Getting Started


From the moment we are born we start to learn. At that moment of birth we learn the safety and comfort of touch. With education being extremely important why do so many clients not get educated on shipping their vehicle?

😎 What Some of The Greatest Minds Think About Education. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

Nelson Mandela

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belong to those who prepared for it today" Malcolm X

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" Benjamin Franklin

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet" Aristotle

If the greatest minds believe in education, why would you not want to get educated on shipping your vehicle?

As you look into shipping your vehicle it is important to get all the information so you as the consumer can make an educated decision. The best place to get a reference from is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). WolfePack Car Transport recommends the BBB because it is the only source that verifies all reviews good or bad and takes into account a companies volume when giving a rating. Example a company that does 10 cars a month and gets one bad review has a 10% negative evaluation. A company that does 100 cars a month and gets one bad review has a 1% negative evaluation. This is why it is important to have a source like the BBB to refer to.  It is also good practice to call WolfePack Vehicle Transport and ask any and all questions you have. It is a priority to make clients feel welcome and comfortable prior, during and after transporting their vehicle. We at WolfePack Auto Transport understand that your vehicle is one of the largest purchase that people make, so it is important to feel comfortable with your decision.

Now that you have carefully checked out WolfePack Vehicle Shipping it is time to put the information together that you are going to need when you call to setup  your transportation.

  1. Decide on who is going to be the contact person at the pickup location.
  2. The telephone number of the pickup contact person (Cell and a backup number if possible).
  3. The pickup locations full address including street number and zip code. 
  4. Decide who is going to be the delivery contact person.
  5. The telephone number of the delivery contact person (Cell and a backup number if possible).
  6. The pickup locations full address including street number and zip code. 
  7. The deposit information (deposit are to ensure that both the client and WolfePack Car Transport is committed to the vehicle transportation of your vehicle)
  8. Decide on the parameters you would like your car shipped, so you can let the customer service representative know, ie. 1st available pickup date, the pickup window, the delivery winday, etc. (This helps WolfePack Vehicle Shipping determine what needs to be done to best service your needs).

If you think that a car transport truck can not get to the pickup or delivery location be prepared with an alternate location. We will still need the physical locations and not the alternate location as a target point. The alternate location will be discussed directly with the carrier/driver so there is no mistakes on the alternate location.

Check a highway map to see how far off a main highway you are. The main highways are the Interstate Highways. This will help when discussing your options with your customer service representative.

You are now ready to contact WolfePack Car Shipping to get your transport processed. 1-866-945-7778 or 1-818-363-7896. You can also process the beginning stages of your order online if you choose. Please click here to get started. Once you input the preliminary information, you can call WolfePack Reliable Car Shipping to finish it up or a representative will call you within 48 business hours to finish up with you. Most clients prefer to do the entire process over the phone with a customer service representative. 

Learn More

The owner of WolfePack Transport, LLC is an academic that believes you can never learn to much. The creation of this section was to assist the client on becoming more productive in the transport of their vehicle. When clients are more knowledgeable and productive within the transport process it leaves little room for confusion on the clients behalf or WolfePack's.

Click on the link to get started. Thank you! 

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Preparing Your Car For Transport

When washing your vehicle make it a family event and have a dog of a good time.

When washing your vehicle make it a family event and have a dog of a good time.

This section is going to focus on Cars, Pickup Trucks, and SUVs. Other types of vehicles are similar, but will have specific parameters of preparation, that will be discussed with your customer service representative. 

It is important to prepare your vehicle for transport. Being prepared will allow for the process to go smoothly and quickly.  It will also assist on keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

Remove Any Personal Items From The Vehicle

Department of Transportation (DOT) Code states that no auto carrier/shipper carry anything in the vehicle defined as “Household Goods”. This means that by law, auto shipping companies are not allowed to transport vehicles containing personal items when moving from state to state. 

You will also want to remove any aftermarket parts that are not part of your vehicle. For instance, DVD players not installed in your vehicle, GPS navigating systems, or external speaker box/units should be removed from the vehicle to secure them from damage or theft.

Please make sure to remove anything from your trunk, if your vehicle exceeds its’ standard gross vehicle weight during shipment, you could be charged with a fee for overweight cargo, starting at a minimum of $250. Please discuss this with the carrier/driver when they are picking up your vehicle. You need to be aware that the carrier/driver does not carry insurance for any items in the vehicle that are not part of the vehicle. Simply put clean out your vehicle. You can discuss it directly with the carrier/driver to provide any possible options available. 

Wash Your Vehicle

When your vehicle is assigned to a carrier/driver your will automatically receive a pickup date. At this point make sure to wash and vacuum out your vehicle.  After your vehicle has been cleaned do a thoro walk around your vehicle taking note of any ding, dents, scratches, discoloration of paint or chipped paint on your vehicle. This will help assist the carrier/drive when he picks up your vehicle and is doing the bill of lading.

This type of inspection of your vehicle is for yours and the carriers/drivers protection. Even though damage seldomly ever happens during professional auto transport, it is always better to be overly cautious. A clean vehicle on pickup can and will give you a piece of mind during shipping. When your vehicle is delivered you and the carrier/driver will do another inspection to be assured nothing happened during transport. 

Leave Your Vehicle With A Quarter Tank of Gas

Your vehicle will only be driven during the loading and unloading process. You need to have enough fuel so this can be accomplished. During transport it may be necessary to move your vehicle backward and forward to balance the weight on the trailer. 

Having a full tank of gas is not recommended as fuel can add a significant amount of weight to your vehicle, this can add complications to your auto transport. You only need enough gas in the car to let the carrier/driver load or unload the vehicle during shipment. 

Take Note of The Condition of Your Vehicle

It is recommended that when the carrier/driver is completing the bill of lading you walk around the vehicle with them and have them point out and issues with the vehicle that will be noted on the paperwork, if the carrier/driver misses anything make sure to point it out to them as well. It is also a good practice with the modern smartphone to take 20-30 pictures of your vehicle at time of pickup, make sure to get the carrier/driver along with his truck in the background. This ensures that your photographs were at time of pickup.  The carrier/driver will be doing the same thing. 

When your vehicle is delivered the carrier/driver will do this again with you to ensure that they are returning the vehicle in the same condition it was received. If you or the carrier/driver noticed anything different then what is on the bill of lading the photographs at the pickup can confirm if it was pre existing.  

Car Maintenance Before Transport

It is a smart idea to have your car serviced prior to pickup. This should ensure that the vehicle is in good working order when the vehicle is picked up. If your vehicle become disabled during transport you can be subject to in inoperational fee. If you have a bad battery you may want to consider replacing it prior to pickup. A new battery is approximately $75.00 st the local auto parts store. A standard inop /winch fee is $75.00-$100.00, so it makes sense to replace the battery prior to pickup. Thing you need to check prior to the carrier/driver picking up your vehicle;

  •  Check for fluid leaks
  • Fill all fluids to the proper level
  • Check battery and have charged if necessary
  • Check the tire pressure and make sure all tires are inflated properly
  • Check mileage just before the car is loaded for transport (be sure to write the mileage down and check again when the car is delivered)

Having Keys at Pickup is an important part of car shipping services.

Having Keys at Pickup is an important part of car shipping services.


Vehicles can not be transported without keys! The only way to transport a vehicle without keys is to forklift it on and off the trailer. If this is the case you need to notify your customer service representative at time of order.

We suggest that you have a spare key made to the car. The driver will have to have a key that unlocks the doors and trunk and will start the car. It is best to have an extra key made just in case one is lost during transport. You do not want to give the driver the only set of keys you have and risk losing them. 

Bill of Lading


When your transport driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, they should present you with a Bill of Lading. This document is used to show any existing damages on your vehicle at the time of pick up. Both you and the driver should inspect the vehicle together in order to ensure that both parties agree on the existing damages. After inspection, all current damages should be noted on the document, which should then be signed by both parties. Upon the delivery of your vehicle, you should once again be presented with a Bill of Lading which you can use to check for any new damages. If there are any problems, you will have legal evidences to back up any claims you may wish to make through your shipping companies insurance provider.

Note: If you are having your vehicle picked up from a dealership or third-party seller, make sure that they are fully informed about the details of your shipment. It is very important that you make them fully aware of the Bill of Lading process, in order to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Otherwise, some shipping companies might try to claim no fault on new damages, because they will claim that the damages already existed at the time of pick up. The Bill of Lading is a security measure put in place both to protect the shipper and the shipping company from being cheated in any way, so it is important that you take full advantage of this process.

Disable Alarm (After Market)

 If your vehicle has an alarm on it, it is important that you disable it before shipment. If you do not do this and your alarm is triggered during transport, the driver will not be able to disarm it. If there are complications with your alarm system, you will want to make sure that your shipping provider is fully aware of the matter, so that in the event that it does go off, they will be able to disarm it. 

Confirm Contact Information

It is good practice to confirm pickup and delivery information with the carrier/driver!!

Most transport drivers, depending on the company, should have a cell phone on their person while on route with your shipment. Before your drivers starts out, you will want to make sure that you have the correct contact information in order to stay updated on your shipment. If your driver does not have a direct contact, the company that they are working for should be have some way of tracking your shipment, either by GPS satellite tracking or e-mail correspondence with the driver. Make sure that you have this information so that in the event of a delay, you will be able to contact your shipping provider and get an accurate update as to what is going on with your shipment.

When shipping a vehicle, it is incredibly important that you contact your shipping provider and ask about all necessary preparations/shipping requirements, to ensure that your delivery goes through without any hassles!

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