Open-Air Transport

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Enclosed Auto Transport

Open Vehicle Shipping or Enclosed Vehicle Shipping it is important to know the difference.

Open Vehicle Shipping or Enclosed Vehicle Shipping it is important to know the difference.

Vehicle transportation companies assist consumers, dealerships, auctions, relocation companies, household moving companies and many other businesses with shipping vehicles. WolfePack Transport, LLC can ship vehicles to any city in the continental United States and even Ports in Hawaii and Alaska (HI & AK, please call for details), this is done with over twenty years in the vehicle shipping industry. When you need it done right, you can count on us. The right way auto shipping company. 

The majority auto carriers use a vehicle multi-carrier or trailer; you have a choice between an open or enclosed vehicle transport. Both methods are going to be pulled by a Semi Tractor, but the difference is the trailer attached. If you are shipping a short distance, the trailer may be smaller. Trailers range from a single vehicle transporter to a ten car transporter. 

Open Vehicle Shipping

If you choose an open-air trailer, you can expect for the process to be somewhat regular. This type of trailer or carrier is approximately 90% of the car haulers on the road. These types of trailers can be around 85 feet in length and have two levels to place vehicles the, top, and bottom. These types of trailers have no sides or roofs; they are 100% out in the open and subject to the elements.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Open-Air Auto Transport

The advantages and disadvantages include:

  • Cons – Vehicles are exposed to the elements, and there is little to no protection against debris which makes it less secure.
  • Pros – Cost of shipping vehicles is a less expensive option, and it is more visible for the driver to inspect the vehicle through the journey. This type of Transport is Greener.  Please see WolfePack Transport, LLC Go Green Initiative and join us.

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Enclosed Vehicle Shipping


An enclosed transport trailer has a trailer with four sides and a roof that protects the vehicles from the elements.  This type of transport is ideal for the expensive vehicles.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Enclosed Auto Transport

The advantages and disadvantages include:  

  • Pros – Good choice if your vehicle is your prize position.  A luxury vehicle, expensive or a sports car, a classic car you should seriously consider this option for your vehicle transportation. This type of transportation is the best possible security for your vehicle.
  • Cons – This type of trailer doesn’t allow the drive to inspect your vehicle as often. Enclosed vehicle transport is not as green as open car transport, because it consumes more fuel. Also due to supply and demand, and less vehicle on one trailer the price for enclosed car shipping is higher. 

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Making the Right Choice

When choosing the best option, you need to consider the amount of security that you require. The type of vehicle you are shipping. Your vehicle shipping budget, please call WolfePack Transport, and we can assist in helping you with that budget. 

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