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Armed Forces and Military Vehicle Shipping

Military and Armed Forces


WolfePack Military and Armed Forces Transport would like to thank the Men, Women and Family (including extended family) of the members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps (USMC), Air Force, Coast Guard, and Medical Corp for all the hard work and dedication you have done for this country. Please ask about a program with a low cost to ship a car specifically designed for military vehicle shipping. WolfePack is a car hauler that wants to say Thank You for Your Dedication and We Salute You.

The cost of delivering your POV to a base in the U.S. is easy to figure out just click here to get a price, it is FREE online form. For more information about our services designed for you, call us at 1-866-945-7778!

How Much Does It Cost

WolfePack Military and Armed Forces Transport Transports prides itself on providing industry leading service at a fair price. When getting a price to ship a vehicle it is important to remember that the lowest price does not guarantee that your vehicle will ever get picked up and delivered. The only guarantee on shipping is a fair pricing structure. Call today to discuss your options on open vehicle transport , enclosed car transport and get a confirmed quote 1-866-945-7778. 

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