Motorcycle Shipping

What is more important than your bike? You can count on WolfePack Motorcycle Transport.

What is more important than your bike? You can count on WolfePack Motorcycle Transport.

Motorcycle Shipping Made Easy


WolfePack Motorcycle Transport had been taking care of bikers needs for years. We specialize in a variety of motorcycles. We understand the trust you are putting in us to ship your bike. We pride ourselves on the professional and thorough service you will receive. 

Why Use WolfePack Transport, LLC To Move Your Motorcycle?


Clients choose our motorcycle transport service for many reasons. You may be buying or selling a bike and need it delivered. You may be making a road trip or attending a rally on the other side of the country. Either way, you need to get the bike shipped and expect it to be done safely. You have made the right decision to choose WolfePack Motorcycle Shipping. 

You are going to have several options for shipping your baby. Motorbikes shipping can be done on a semi-truck trailer, flatbed, or a motorcycle trailer (pulled behind another vehicle}. We also have enclosed motorcycle shipping and door to door pickup and delivery options available. 

Motorcycle Shipping Options

When transporting a motorcycle, you have several options to consider before you pull the trigger. Some of the options that are available:

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Enclosed Transport - The safest and most secure. By choosing an enclosed carrier, your motorcycle is protected from the elements or transport hazards.

Open-Air Transport - Option if you’re comfortable with having your bike exposed to the elements. This type of shipping involves securing your bike to a flatbed truck or a tow trailer.

Door to door transportWe pick up and deliver your motorcycle at a specified location you give us. There may be limitations; please discuss with your customer service for details.

Terminal to Terminal Transport – This type of service you are having to pick up and/or deliver your bike to a depot/terminal this type of service is not always convenient, depending on your proximity to the terminal.

Crated Transport or Skid – Your bike will be secured to a pallet and loading it onto a truck in a wooden crate or on a skid. This is a safe and popular option but require some extra preparation and charges. All fluids must be drained, the battery must be disconnected, and removal of mirrors, handlebars, and saddle bags may be required. This type of service can limit the types of trucks your motorcycle can be loaded into. 

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipping

No matter what option you choose for shipping your motorcycle, it is imperative to make sure your bike is ready to be shipped. 

What you need to do:

  • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly.
  • Remove all accessories or loose items that can fall off during transport.
  • Disable any non-factory alarm system.
  • Check and top off all fluids, tire pressure and battery (If not being put in crate or skid).
  • Gas tank should not be above 1/4 tank.
  • Inspect for any existing damage for your records; the carrier will also do this. (photos recommended when the carrier is present)

Should I ship my bike or not?

When deciding to ship a motorcycle can be confusing and stressful. Please --CLICK HERE--  to assist in the decision making process. 


Trike Shipping

When shipping a trike, it is different than sending a motorcycle or car. Because of the third wheel in the center, it cannot go up the traditional ramps or even placed on a conventional vehicle, motorcycle trailer. This alone sets a challenge on getting it done. WolfePack Trike Transport understands the issues and has several trucks that can accommodate these issues.

WolfePack Trike Hauling has professional carriers that live and breath the trike world. They are like bikers but much different; the are Trikers. So when its time to ship your Trike you have turned to the right place. WolfePack can get it done.

If you need a price on shipping your trike, please call your customer service representative directly at (866) 945-7778. You can also click on the link bellow to get an instant quote. Please select “Small Car” for vehicle type so it will be more accurate.   

Shipping a trike is different and takes special skills. Only count on WolfePack Trke Shipping.

Shipping a trike is different and takes special skills. Only count on WolfePack Trke Shipping.

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