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Electric Vehicle Transport


As an owner of an electric car, you know that your vehicle uses similar batteries to the rechargeable one you find in your phone. They are by far bigger (LOL), but the material is the same. The lithium ion battery in your phone is the same except on a much larger scale. The lithium ion batteries used in hybrid cars are obviously larger and heavier then your phone battery. Because of this, hybrid / electric vehicle shipping requires more licensing, extra care, specialized equipment when moving batteries containing lithium ion due to the Potential Dangers… WolfePack Electric Vehicle Transport Transport possess the necessary licenses to ship your vehicle. Most car moving companies do not have the required licences and your vehicle may not be properly insured.   

We have all seen in the news that laptops, phones, toys using lithium ion batteries have suddenly burst into flames from overheating. This has caused consumers to have concern whether such batteries are safe for use, especially in electric vehicles when there is a potential of a vehicle accident.

Lithium ion batteries are preferred because of the large amount of energy production ratio, because of high energy ratio there is a higher chance they can catch on fire.

Oxidizer and fuel are both contained inside the battery, when they catch on fire the flames cannot be extinguished like a normal fire. The high heat can melt aluminum, and the batteries may even explode.

With the potential hazards in an electric/hybrid vehicle manufactures have established and implemented safety measures to significantly reduce the risk. Part of the reduction in risk, is training Electric Vehicle Shipping Companies, all WolfePack Electric Vehicle Transport Carriers/Drivers have received the necessary additional training and possess a specific license allowing the transportation of your vehicle. This allows for a premium service, but WolfePack Electric Vehicle Shipping does not charge extra for this type of shipping. That is correct we do not charge more for shipping an electric vehicle.

So the only decision you need to be concerned about is when do I need to ship my vehicle, do I want to ship it on an open transport carrier or enclosed transport carrier, what's the difference?Call the most reliable auto transport company in the industry, WolfePack Electric Vehicle Transport.

How Much Does It Cost

WolfePack Transports prides itself on providing industry leading service at a fair price. When getting a price to ship a vehicle it is important to remember that the lowest price does not guarantee that your vehicle will ever get picked up and delivered. The only guarantee on shipping is a fair pricing structure. Call today and get a confirmed quote 1-866-945-7778. 

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