The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car - Open Air Transport

This Vehicle Transport for the budget minded clients. Call so we can answer  all your questions

This Vehicle Transport for the budget minded clients. Call so we can answer all your questions

Moving a car can be nerve-racking, knowing what to do you can make an educated decision helps make the process easier. Deciding if the least expensive way is the best, the most costly way better or someplace in between. Knowing this can help take the sting out of making a decision.  We understand the easiest way to move the car would be to drive it, but when the distance and time are a factor, you need to have it shipped. There are going to be many options available, but most of them will be expensive. So if you are on a budget and are looking for the most economical way to ship your vehicle, you need to keep in mind is it the best way for the type of car that you own. Our customer service team can explain different options available to you. 

Budgetary Factors to Consider


When it is time to move a car from one place to another, you have factors to consider.

  • Environmental factors – When you do not want to expose your vehicle to the elements while it in transit, enclosed auto transport may be an option to protect your car.  The downside is it’s more expensive option and remember the price will increase with a larger vehicle.
  • Vehicle classification – Vans, Trucks and SUV’s will require a more significant car carrier for transportation while luxury cars will need carriers that offer extra protection.
  • The distance that needs to be traveled – The more the distance, the pricier it will be. Prices are based off a per milage structure. 

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The Most Economical Way

The most economical way to ship a car is through Open-Air Auto Transport Services. It is one of the most reliable means of moving vehicles. Vehicles of all sizes usually are accommodated in open air carriers, and open-air carry ship 7-10 vehicles at a time.  This is a factor that reduces the cost of shipping, and that is why the majority of vehicle shipping is done this way.  Shipping the family car on an Enclosed Carrier would be far too expensive. 

Advantage of Open Air Transportations

Open Air Transport services may be the most economical way to ship a car, but may not be worth it for you.  There are many advantages that you are going to need to consider before you make your decision. 

  • Availability – There are more open-air carriers versus enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers may take longer to get assigned and therefore pickup times will be much longer. To get a quality carrier, you will have to book in advance while there is more availability for open-air carriers the spots go quickly. The pickup can be at a moment’s notice, so please be available.
  • Simple pricingPrices will not fluctuate if you are shipping the old family car or a brand new luxury car, bigger vehicles will have a slight price increase due to weight and positioning on the carrier.
  • Multiple Vehicle Shipping – When you have multiple vehicles to ship at one time you can put them on one carrier. That way you do not have to have multiple carriers, and your vehicles will arrive at the same time.
  • Go Green option – The open-air carriers is a greener alternative as it uses less fuel, and that makes it better for the environment.  WolfePack Transport, LLC has pledged to go green. Click on the link to see what we have done. Go Green
  • Security – The driver can look at the cars on the open-air carrier better, so the driver will be able to check the vehicles regularly.      

When you need the most cost-conscious car hauling / cheapest car hauling options that will fit all your needs, then it is the open-air carrier is the way to ship a car.