Enclosed Auto Transport Services


Enclosed Vehicle Shipping protects your vehicle from the environment and the elements of the road, this type of shipping offers the best possible protection for your vehicle. This type of over the road shipping comes at a price that is higher than Open-Air Transport

Soft-sided enclosed transport


Soft-side transport trailers are covered in a canvas or vinyl material; this offers protection against weather and road conditions. Soft-sided transport carriers will prevent most damage from small rocks, wind, and rain.

Hard-side enclosed transport

 Hard-side transport is a trailer covered in metal (similar to a shipping container). This type of trailer offers the best possible protection for your vehicle. An extra level of protection from weather and road hazards. This is one of the safest possibilities available, to completely protects your car from the elements of the road and weather. 


When it comes to classics, customer and Highline vehicle enclosed transport is the best at keeping the prying eyes away from your vehicle. Movie cars are ship enclosed the not. 

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