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Truck Transport

WolfePack Truck Transport is a nationally certified truck shipping company. We delivers to all 50 states, that is correct all 50 states and that including Hawaii and Alaska. With more than 24 years of experience in the industry, we have developed expertise that is incomparable.  Our staff can explain in detail, as one of the best in taking specific care of the needs your truck deserves. We have put together top tier services so we can ship a car direct to you without a hassle or concern. WolfePack Car Transport is A-1 with real and affordable pricing to offer the highest quality auto transport options in the industry. The types of pickups trucks that we frequently ship:

  • Classic, antique and vintage trucks.
  • Service and utility trucks.
  • Tow and dump trucks.
  • Box, platform, and flatbeds trucks.
  • Fire engines, garbage trucks, and larger service trucks.
  • Compact, mid-size and full-size trucks.
  • Semi’s and commercial vehicles (class 1 through 8)
  • Flatbed, hauling and delivery trucks.

Make sure to call us to discuss your Pickup Truck Shipping in detail so we can get you an accurate quote. We look forward to working with you. WolfePack Car Shipping Services specializes in Open-Air Transport (open transport) and Enclosed Transport for your convenience and when you are looking for the best car shipping company you have to look no further. Call us today!

How Much Does It Cost

WolfePack Automotive Shipping prides itself on providing industry leading service at a fair price. When getting a price to ship a vehicle it is important to remember that the lowest price does not guarantee that your vehicle will ever get picked up and delivered. The only guarantee on shipping is a fair pricing structure. Call today and get a confirmed quote 1-866-945-7778. 

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