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WolfePack Transport, LLC handles your personal, dealer, military or corporate automobile move. We offer several different options, open air, enclosed, door to door and terminal to terminal car transportation services. Additionally, we have highly trained carriers that can provide high end, luxury car transport services and classic car transport for vehicles that require careful handling and extra attention to detail.

The standard car transportation services include: 

It is essential to understand the differences in transport services so you can make an educated decision on how to ship your vehicle.

Open-Air / Open Car Transport Services


Open-air transport – Vehicles are loaded onto a multi-car carrier. There will be up to ten cars on this type of trailer before it heads to its destination. The carrier may pick up and deliver vehicle along the way. This is the type of truck that you see new car dealers receiving their cars on. A single car Rollback or Flatbed truck can transport a single vehicle; this option is usually too costly to use for the door to door transport services.

Open-air shipping is more popular and cost-effective than other forms of moving vehicles, some clients who are concerned about their car being open and exposed to the elements choose.

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Enclosed Car Transport Service

Enclosed Transport carriers - Shield the vehicle from the elements; this option offers the best possible protection at a higher cost then open-air transport. There are two types of enclosed car transportation services available in the industry: soft-sided and hard-sided.

Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport – A car transport trailer that is covered in canvas or vinyl, offering limited protection from the elements. This type of trailer is more protected then open-air. Soft-sided transport trailers can prevent most damage from small rocks, wind, and rain.

Hard-Sided Enclosed TransportThe best car transport options available. Hard-sided enclosed transport trailers provide the best possible protection from the elements. It also provides the best possible security. Keeps the looky loos from seeing your vehicle in transport, that means they can not touch it.

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Open-Air Transport vs Enclosed Transport

There are advantages and disadvantages to shipping either way. Prior to booking your transport WolfePack Transport highly suggests that you understand the pros and cons, so you can discuss them with your customer service representative.

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Car Transport / SUV Transport / Exotic Vehicle Transport / Truck Transport

  • WolfePack SUV Transport compares rates from different  transport services, so WolfePack Car Transport always stay competitive.
  • With WolfePack Exotic Vehicle Transport you only pay for services that you truly need and want.
  • WolfePack Truck Transport and its carriers are Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Award winning service.
  • Get instant quotes using our form, or call 1-866-945-7778


WolfePack Car Transport has several options so we can handle your personal, dealer, military, and corporate automobile move. We feature and specialize in open air shipping, enclosed transport, door to door shipping and terminal to terminal car transportation services. 

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WolfePack SUV Transport stands above all others. As consumers realized the SUV has flexibility provided by the vehicle, because the versatility of the SUVs the volume of sales has exponentially increased. As SUVs have grown in popularity, the versatility, design, and size has a great range. The availability for you to have a crossover, compact, luxury, military, hybrid, or alternative fuel SUV, has presented WolfePack with training that needed to be done to make sure everyone of our carriers/drivers can take care your SUV with each style specific needs in mind. WolfePack SUV Transport is one of the most established, trained, and affordable options you’ll find. Regardless of what type, shape, or size SUV you’re considering shipping.

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WolfePack Exotic Car Shipping specializes in high end and luxury car transport services for vehicles that require love and care when handling your vehicle. WolfePack will give the  extra attention your vehicle deserves.

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WolfePack Truck Transport is leading the way in the vehicle shipping industry. WolfePack Truck Transport can accommodate virtually any transport request. Need your truck shipped across the state or across the country WolfePack is here for you. All of our quotes include tracking and insurance coverage while your vehicle is in our care. WolfePack Truck Transport and its carriers/drivers are licensed, bonded and insured, this offers you the most peace of mind you deserve.

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The standard services include:

Electric Vehicle Shipping

Electric Vehicle Shipping is not like shipping a gas vehicle. Electric Vehicles interact with vehicle shipping trailers differently and require different training and knowledge. WolfePack Electric Vehicle Transport and its carriers/drivers have been specially trained in electric vehicles, to give superior care to your electric vehicle.

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Motorcycle Shipping

  • Compare rates for different types of services when shipping your motorcycle.
  • WolfePack Motorcycle Transport and its carriers are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
  • Award winning service.
  • Get instant quotes using our form, or call 1-866-945-7778.

WolfePack Motorcycle Shipping is a trusted leader in the vehicle and motorcycle shipping industry. WolfePack Motorcycle Transport can accommodate virtually any transport request, whether you need your motorcycle shipped across the state or across the country. All of our quotes include tracking and insurance coverage while your vehicle is in our care. We are a full service Auto Transporter and Motorcycle Transporter that is licensed, bonded and insured this allows you the most peace of mind, at the most affordable prices.

For an instant quote, fill out the form below or call us directly at 1-866-945-7778 and let the industry’s top motorcycle transport and auto transport professionals go to work for you.

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Pride in our equipment lets WolfePack show, how we will take care of your vehicle transport needs.

Military and Armed Forces

WolfePack Military Transport and WolfePack Armed Forces Transport, move all types of vehicles for active military and veterans. This service is one of our largest honors bestowed upon us.

We have been working closely with all branches of the service for over 20 years and have shipped literally thousands of privately owned and government vehicles. 

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All Terrain Vehicles / ATVs / Snowmobiles

All Terrain Vehicle Transport ships a wide range of sport, off road and recreation vehicles to all locations across the United States. WolfePack Transport use only industrial strength skids and crates along with non-abrasive soft ties (similar to motorcycle shipping) to ensure a fully secure and safe method of transport, that way distance or location is not a factor.

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Snowmobile transport is different but it is similar to other all terrain transport. Snowmobiles are high performance vehicles designed to travel across snowy terrain. Snowmobiles are designed as off road vehicle used when traveling off road in the snowy and cold weather months when other vehicles find it difficult to drive across snow and ice, of course there may be other reasons to own a snowmobile.  

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Boat Transport

WolfePack Boat Transport is a domestic boat shipper that delivers throughout the lower 48 states. With more than 24 years of experience in the transportation industry, WolfePack has the knowledge and expertise to provide A-1 service. With an affordable fair price.  WolfePack Boat Transport can accommodate a wide variety of boats, ships and other watercraft including yachts, motorboats, jet skis, sailboats, catamarans, fishing boats, dinghies, houseboats, sport fishing boats, and all variety of personal watercraft. 

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Golf Carts

WolfePack Golf Cart Transport cab accommodate one or more Golf Carts at a time. Golf Cart Shipping is unlike shipping a standard sized vehicle. 

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Multiple Vehicles

WolfePack Multiple Vehicle Transport offers discounts when you ship at one time, from and to the same location. When it is a corporate move or multifamily move it is best to coordinate to get the maximum discounts. 

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Non Ops (Not Drivable) / Salvage

Non Ops Shipping  is much different than the shipping process for an operable vehicle. It takes a great deal of labor and the use of special tools and equipment not normally used for the transport of a vehicle in good condition. This will raise the cost of the transport by at least $100. Luckily, you will still find the help of professionals extremely beneficial and cost effective.  Vehicles need to be able to roll, break, and stear.

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Salvaged car shipping is more detailed than shipping a car that is functional and unharmed. It takes the use of different equipment such as a forklift. A forklift is used to get the vehicle on and off the trailer as it can not be driven on and off the trailer. Not all auto transport companies are capable of providing services for salvaged cars. WolfePack is able to help.

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WolfePack Auto Transport and its carriers have modern tractors for reliable shipping.

How To Prepare Your For Transport

It is important to prepare your vehicle before the carrier/driver arrives. It is always safe to get your vehicle repaired the same day you place your order for shipping or one week prior to the first available pickup date. Preparing ahead of time will with take away some of the stress of shipping your vehicle.

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Door to Door Transport Services

Door to Door Transport is the most common form of Vehicle Transport Services. The carrier/driver will get as close to the pickup address as physically possible.

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Terminal to Terminal Transport Services

The use of a terminal when the client has no other means to have a contact person at the vehicle picked up or delivered location.

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What to Know When Shipping Your Vehicle

There are several area that you need to be aware of when you decide on car shipping. Shipping 101. 

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Roll On Roll Off Services (RoRo)

This service is when loading motorcycle, boat, or vehicle onto a vessel for ocean freight services. This is when WolfePack is not using a container, crate or skid. 

*This requires the boat be secured to a trailer which is then wheeled on and off.

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The History of Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping has a long history. Not much has changed over the years, it's still the open frontier. Learn how it all began.

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Is distance what sets you and your vehicle apart? Count on the best car shipping company, WolfePack

What Determines Price for Shipping


  • Distance: Price is determined on the distance you are shipping. If you are shipping your vehicle from coast to coast, the price point will be higher than if you are only shipping a few states over. It is less expensive to ship your vehicle on well-traveled route to a more popular destination. If you are shipping to an obscure location, prepare to pay a higher price and pickup and delivery may take more time. This will require a detour from the carriers usual route.
  • Make/Model/Type: The type of vehicle can determine the price you pay. Different styles of vehicles require different types of transport equipment. The size of your vehicle also determines the price you will pay as it will take up more or less space on the carrier. 
  • Closed vs. Open Carrier: If you have a classic or High End Vehicle, you may consider shipping it in a closed container.  This is more expensive, and not the preferred method of shipping high end or classic vehicle.  If your vehicle  is expensive it may be worth the investment. Keep in mind that insurance would cover any issues that may arise. Please checkout open vs enclosed shipping.

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